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Строка 1: Строка 1:
-http://www.sorbeum.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/clash-of-clans-7.jpg+Мы рады любым дополнениям в представленной здесь информации. Для получения доступа на редактирование обратитесь к администраторам на форуме: [[http://vgap.dailyfun.org/forum|http://vgap.dailyfun.org/forum]] 
 +===== Общая информация по игре ===== 
 +"Коpоче, паpень, это не шахматы, тут думать нужно!" (c) 
 +  * [[CommonGamePlay | Common Gameplay]] Общая информация 
 +  * [[Planet|Planets]] - Планеты 
 +  * [[StarBase|Star Bases]] - Космические базы. 
 +  * [[Resources|Resources]] - Ресурсы 
 +  * [[Buildings|Buildings]] - Постройки   
 +  * [[Ships|Ships]] - Корабли 
 +  * [[Natives|Natives]] - Аборигены (Нативсы) 
 +  * [[GameRaces|Races]] - Расы 
 +  * [[Economics|Game Economics]] - Игровая экономика 
 +  * [[ShipMissions|Ship Missions]] - Миссии кораблей 
 +  * [[BaseMissions|Base Missions]] - Миссии баз 
 +  * [[HostOrder|Host Events Order]] - Порядок событий хода 
 +  * [[HullFunc|Hull Functions]] - Функции кораблей 
 +  * [[BattleOrder|Battle Order]] - Порядок боя 
 +  * [[Minefields|Minefields]] - Минные поля 
 +  * [[IonStorms|Ions Storms]] - Ионные шторма 
 +  * [[Wormhole|Wormholes]] - Пространственные туннели (вормхолы) 
 +  * [[Fc|Friendly Codes]] - Дружественные коды (Френдли коды) 
 +  * [[AfterLimitBuilding|AfterLimit Building]] - Послелимитное строительство 
 +  * [[experience|Phost4 experience system]] - Концепция опыта в Пхост4 
 +  * [[Misc|Misc things]] - Прочее... 
 +===== Программное обеспечение и игровые конфигурации ===== 
 +  * [[HostSoftware| Host]] - Хост (серверные приложения) 
 +  * [[ClientSoftware| Client]] - Клиент (клиентские приложения) 
 +  * [[Simulators|Simulators]] - Симуляторы Боя 
 +  * [[ShipLists| Ship lists]] - Шиплисты (Конфигурации кораблей) 
 +  * [[ScorersAddons| Scorers]] - Скореры (Способы подсчета очков) 
 +  * [[MiscAddons| Misc Addons]] - Аддоны (Прочие расширения игры) 
 +  * [[AIPlayers|Computer Players]] - Компьютерные Игроки 
 +  * [[GMTools| GM Tools]] - Инструментарий Гейм Мастера. 
 +===== Руководства, отчеты и прочая писанина ===== 
 +  * [[BeginnersGuide|Beginners Guide]] - Руководства для начинающего игрока 
 +  * [[StrategyGuide|Strategy Guide]] - Литература по "стратегии вообще" 
 +  * [[Racestrategy|Races Strategy]] - Стратегия игры по расам отдельно 
 +  * [[PlayersReports|Players Reports]] - Отчеты игроков 
 +  * [[Fiction|Fiction and Lyrics]] - Художественные творения 
 +  * [[Humour|Humour]] - Юмор на тему VGA Planets 
 +  * [[History|History]] - История VGA Planets и рассказы <del>старперов</del>бывалых. 
 +  * [[GreatPeople|Great People]] - Великие Люди, попирающие континуум, демиурги, трикстеры и полузабытые боги 
 +===== Игровые сервера ===== 
 +Отечественные сервера: 
 +  * [[HawkHost|Hawk Host]] 
 +  * [[ASP|ASP]] - Фидошный THost/PHost 
 +  * [[VVH|Vice Versa VGA Planets Host]] - Реинкарнация сервера VCHC. Теперь ГМ -- [[Vano|Вано Опульский]]. Сервер имеет свой [[http://vvh.kiev.ua/vvhost/indexR.htm|сайт.]] Крутятся игры как на phost'е, так и на оригинальном host'е. 
 +Зарубежные сервера: 
 +  * [[http://www.planets.nu|Planets.nu]] VGAPlanets_NuHost  
 +  * [[http://planetscentral.com/|Planets Central]] PHOST 
 +  * [[http://circus-maximus.com/|Circus-Maximus.com]] - THost 
 +  * [[http://www.locrysound.com/high_command/high_command.htm|High Command]] - THost/PHost 
-In any case of what kind amongst guild you join also create, all guilds currently have the benefit of accessing guild specific chat qualities where in you has the potential to chat with other subscribers. Guild leaders also have a guild bank because allows you to hand over items that you never will need to other members of different classes the may need it. 
-Time and again allies when the commonly used weal dictated that the businesses stand firm against right outside opposition, particularly from this particular Scottish raiders, at in addition they would be throughout feud as they sought to cement some kind dominance over each a variety of other. Both clans lived in the neighbourhood of Otterburn, the Places at Otterburn tower, Girsonfield and Shittleheugh, the Reeds at Troughend. 
-url>http://www.youtube.com/embed/UlzrAtU4Quk 500,282 
-However, sooner or later the ill-effects of depriving consume with the nutrients it needs and supplying it instead, your with harmful substances will guide its toll. Weight gain obesity, and a average state of health would be the most common consequences. In many cases, families begin to be concerned about the need to choose better care of on only when they begin with experiencing the repercussions among the unhealthy lifestyle choices they provided through the years. 
-All the Halls then stood through the process of as the Crosiers mutilated Parcy's body with a number a cut and drive from their deadly swords. It is said that the body of am cut up that this kind of had to be transported in a blanket to Troughend for burial. 
-Perimeter Reivers were thieves. To 'reive' is in the market to thieve. For 100's of years old up to the Union of the Crowns for England and Scotland appearing in 1603, they reigned best in the lands of this English Scottish Border. Their sway was recorded by their complete indifference to the Law. 
-Usually the Halls and Crosiers coming up to rid the regarding Parcy Reed and to the end, invited him to search hunting in the wood of Carter. [[http://support.youtext.co.uk/entries/38266507-Reasons-Clash-Of-Clans-Cheat-Cost-Ranges-Will-Be-Left-Big|clash of clans hack no survey]]. Parcy readily accepted the prospect of some sport. At the end of this hunting the party relaxed at the Batingehope burning and Parcy fell resting. 
-Huge Legends presents some new auto mechanics to craft by itself aside from a lot of comparable games, no matter their  networks. Constructed houses inside the region, different from those in Dragon City, can be enhanced. In that way, pros can expand a habitat's ability and home increasing monsters and have i would say the habitat holding more sterling silver. Similarly, they may be able level up plants to have turned access to numerous varieties of plants, which could develop at much longer stretches. Regarding the one palm, these upgrade features save space and frustrations for structure most support frames. Regarding the other hands, they capture more time for you finish and in so doing require accelerating with enlarged gems if you desire to. 
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