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El de Rone
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vpa 3.63 release


Version 3.63
+ worst-case finder in simulator: 'w' to find worst case for left side, 'W'
  for right side
+ support PHost 4.x new functions:
  - hull functions: assigned to ships, new functions, per-race functions
  - StarbaseCost, BaseFighterCost, FreeFighterCost, MaximumFightersOnBase,
  - new mining formula
  - recognize ChunnelSelf,ChunnelOthers,ChunnelTarget abilities for chunnel
    prediction. Note that ChunnelOthers ships will draw a Chunnel line, but
    not move themselves, so be careful.
+ reads TARGETx.EXT if exists, deletes it on unpack. This allows VPA to
  be used together with VPUNPACK / VPUTIL.
! some PList 3 ships did not show costs in build screen
! fixed crash in experience games
! do no longer accept mission arguments above 10000 (not allowed with any
+ added Range function (Shift-R) that draws circles for the distances that
  a ship can travel in the next 6 turns
+ added OptimizeFuel and AutoAdjustWarp options
+ a few bugs fixed (bioscan messages would erase the owner info, ships with
  an advanced cloaking device would still be predicted to burn fuel for
  cloaking, planet simulation had a few glitches, crash in notepad editor)

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The Q
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Re: vpa 3.63 release

ого! у немцев в марте зачесалась девелопилка

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Re: vpa 3.63 release

Похоже, зачесалась не на шутку: уже лежит четвертая бета версии 3.64 http://sourceforge.net/projects/vpa/

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