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Симулятор от Стефана

http://planetscentral.com/talk/thread.c … -simulator

Finally, some news that don't talk about downtime!

This time, it's a major new feature: a Battle Simulator for your browser. You find it under the Play tab. Link for the impatient: http://planetscentral.com/play/sim.cgi. Choose your shiplist and go ahead simulating!

You probably agree with me that the current PCC2 Web sucks. This is my start to redo it in more modern technology, in a way that it doesn't suck. Take it as a preview how PCC2 Web may look like someday.

It is roughly equivalent to the current PlayVCR version. The main missing features are load/save of battle setups, and to start it from a specific game.

I have tested this on a variety of devices (desktop computer, tablet PC, smartphones), and believe it to be usable on each of them, using keyboard, mouse or touch. I'm very interested in your observations. Note that the simulations run in your browser, not on the server, so a more recent browser gives faster results.

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The Q
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Re: Симулятор от Стефана

"exception in task action: ReferenceError: getBaseDamageTech is not defined"

да, бета ранняя smile

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