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Planets Central (by Stefan)

Стефан (Stefan Reuther - разработчик phost'a и автора клиетов PCC/PCC2 а также симулятора ccbsim и много чего еще) анонсировал новый проект.

По сути это новый хост-сервер для планетсов. В перспективе с возможностью играть в браузере. И да, это базируется на пхосте.

Стефан приглашет всех желающих потестировать это дело (пока без веб-клиента), то есть поиграть.

Его сообщение:

Hi there,

I'm a little behind with updating PHost, so here's my excuse: I've built
a host server. Quite a few host servers have died during the last
months, a trend that must be stopped.

So, here it is:

I plan this to be somehow like PlanetsServer, in particular: to run
without admin intervention, so it doesn't die when I'm on vacation, and
to support user-created games. Although the underlying engine supports
most of that already, I haven't yet written the HTML GUI for everything.

The server is currently offering one game, with PHost 4 and PList 2.4.
If anyone wants to help squash bugs and make sure our game stays alive,
please subscribe to it. Probably we needn't play it fully till its end,
so you needn't plan for two years of play. The system isn't yet able to
declare a winner and give it a shiny medal, anyway.

PlanetsCentral was an earlier (2007) effort to make VGAP more accessible
to new users, so I re-used the domain name. Plus, planetscentral.com
abbreviates to a well-known abbreviation :-) The same server also hosts
PCC2 Web, a browser client for VGAP, but the two systems aren't yet
connected (except for using the same user database). But this will be
one of the next projects.


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Re: Planets Central (by Stefan)


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