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Web Client демо.

Не даром у немцев девелопилка чесалась, они дочесались до веб-клиента. Точнее -- веб версии pcc2.
Заценить можно тут

Пока туда нельзя заливать собственные rst и генерить свои trn, ну, в общем демка и есть. Сделано это на движке pcc2, то есть на сервере крутится этот плюсатый движок и общается с вашим браузером/клиентской частью через http.

Письмо от Стефана:


now that PCC2 is getting good enough for it, I've tried an experiment
I've always wanted to try: use PCC2 as back-end for a web application.
So here it is:
So far it's a technology preview / demo. You cannot yet upload your own
RST files. But in the background, it's a real PCC2 running on a real
VGAP result file (namely the demo RST that comes with Winplan).

I'm not a great webdesigner, and it's my first AJAX application, so I
made a simple GUI not completely unlike the PCC2 GUI. Still, my ship
build screen is better than Joshua's, hah!

It needs a recent browser, where "recent" starts at a 2002 vintage
Mozilla, or IE6. And, to justify the subject line, I've tried it
successfully on a Nokia N900 smartphone.

Well, what can be next?
- RST upload/TRN download? probably.
- adding (or connecting with?) and autohost? maybe.

Have fun (and tell me what you think of it),

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