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PCC2 beta 14 (новая версия).

Вышла новая версия PCC2. Из новшеств - больше аналитической информации. В частности: стоимость корабля (уже построенного) по частям, диаграммы боев, предсказание роста населения при налогах, подробная макроэкономическая информация, сравнение стоимости флотов в симуляторе.

Также оно научилось в боях симулировать планеты с опытом.

Ну, и так далее:

I have uploaded PCC2 beta 14.

This release adds a ton of information functions:
- Detailed Bill ('d' on ship build screen) to give you a detailed
break-down of the costs for a starship
- Combat Diagram (Tab on VCR selection) to give you an overview over
big multi-ship fights
- Population prediction on taxation, PHost-only (as in PCC 1.x)
- Imperial Statistics
- Fleet Cost Comparison (Ctrl+C on simulator)

The simulator can now simulate planets with experience, which is
required for the current PList.

Cargo transfer now supports giving PHost Beam Up Multiple commands.
Finally, it adds the usual heap of minor improvements and bug fixes.

Downloads for Windows and Linux, and the source code, are on
as usual.

I'd like to point out that despite its "beta" status, PCC2 is quite
stable. Everyone looking for a client that runs on Win32 or Win64 should
take a look at it. I haven't seen crashes for months now. It will stay
in "beta" status until it surpasses PCC 1.x's features, which may still
take a little.

cat /dev/zero > /dev/null

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