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PCC2 beta 15

From: Stefan Reuther

Hi there,

I have released PCC2 beta 15.

This release adds a help system. The content is currently the same as
the pcc2-overview.html file. I'm planning to extend it to contain as
much information as PCC 1.x's help did.

PCC2 can now display recorded starship history: use F6 to open the
starship history screen, just like in PCC 1.x.

The last major new feature for this version is Global Actions. If you're
not into scripting, this is your way to do many things at once.

In addition, the interpreter was improved. It can now access VCR
properties, and planets have new properties regarding auto tax
(suggested and initially implemented by Bastian Hecht), and adds a
"Hash" data type.

As usual, downloads for Windows and Linux as well as source code are
available from

Note that "beta" just means that PCC2 doesn't yet have all features of
PCC 1.x. It's a completely playable, stable client for current operating

Have fun,

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