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Host Friendly Codes

(Most of these codes will only work if you are a registered player)

Codes dealing with deep space mine fields: These control then number of torpedoes that are coveted and laid as a mine field: «mdh» mine drop half your torps «mdq» mine drop one quarter of your torps «md1» mine drop 10 torps «md2» mine drop 20 torps «md3» mine drop 30 torps «md4» mine drop 40 torps «md5» mine drop 50 torps «md6» mine drop 60 torps «md7» mine drop 70 torps «md8» mine drop 80 torps «md9» mine drop 90 torps «md0» mine drop 100 torps

«miN» will lay a minefield in an enemies ID, were N is the ID number of the enemy that you want the mines laid as. N = ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b) These mines will not effect the enemy race, but they can and will damage you if you fly through the field.

«msc» If you mission is set to mine sweep this code will cause the ship to scoop up the mines and convert them back into torpedoes.

Glory device codes:

«pop» This code will cause the D19 or Saber class starships to EXPLODE after moving, if they have fuel.

«trg» This code will cause the D19 or Saber class starships to EXPLODE after moving, if they have fuel and any cloaked enemy ship is detected.

«HYP» Hyperjump, this will cause a ship that has a hyperjump drive to jump 350 light years and burn 50 KT of fuel. The waypoint of the jumping ship must be greater then 20 LY and the ship must have at least 50 KT of fuel. It is best to set the warp speed to 1 for the jump.

«mkt» Make torpedoes in space. Load your ship up with the items need to build torpedoes and your ship will construct them in space or over a planet. The items needed to build torps include one of each mineral type plus the megacredits required.

Alchemy ship codes:

«ald» Alchemy Duranium. This code will cause an alchemy ship to produce only Duranium.

«alt» Alchemy Tritanium. This code will cause an alchemy ship to produce only tritanium.

«alm» Alchemy Molybdenum. This code will cause an alchemy ship to produce only molybdenum.

Planetary friendly code:

«NUK» causes planet to attack all enemy ships in orbit. (note: some ships are immune to attack)

«ATT» causes planet to attack all enemy ships in orbit that have fuel. (note: some ships are immune to attack)

«bum» beam up megacredits to all ships in ships in orbit (including enemy ships). If more then one ship is in orbit then the megacredits will be split between all the ships.

«con» Configure Message. Have the host send a listing of the current host configure settings next turn.

«dmp» Dump old parts. If there is a starbase in orbit around this planet then most the parts in the starbases storage bins will be converted back into minerals and dumped to the planets surface. Torpedoes will not be dumped.

Ship to enemy ship transfers:

«btt» Beam Transfer Torps. This code will transfer torpedoes of like type from the ship with this code to all enemy ships at the same point in space that have the same make of torp tube.

«btf» Beam Transfer Fighters. The code will transfer fighters from the ship with this code to all enemy ships at the same point in space that have fighter bays.

«btm» Beam Transfer Megacredits. This code will transfer megacredits from the ship with this code to all enemy ships at the same point in space.

«gsN» Give Ship. This code will give starship to N race, where N is the number/letter code of another race. When the starship has this code the race represented by N will take control of said starship on the next turn. A friendly code of gs1 would give your starship to the Feds on the next turn. The crew becomes crew members of the new controlling race. For this to work there must be an enemy ship belonging to race N with colonists at the same point in space as the ship with the «gsN» friendly. Only registered players can give ships away.

Ship to enemy planet transfers:

«bdm» Beam down Megacredits. This code will dump the megacredits from the ship to the planet that it is in orbit around, no matter who owns the planet.

Other codes:

«lfm» Load fighter minerals. This will load all the minerals and money onboard the ship to build as many fighters as possible and tells the ship to build fighters, regardless of the ships mission. This code will only work for the Robots, Rebels and Colonials.

«cln» Clone. A ship code. This tells the starbase that you own and are in orbit with to make an exact copy of the ship with this code. The starbases' tech levels must be equal to or greater then the ship being cloned. This will in most cases cancel out the normal starship building on the starbase any turn that there is a starship with this code in orbit. The cost of cloning a ship (megacredits) is 200% of the original cost of building the ship. The Privateers and Crystal People can not clone. You can not clone ships that your race can already build. Ships that are being cloned must stay at the starbase. A ship that is being cloned will have its warp speed set to zero.

The money and minerals are beamed directly from the planet to space. The parts stored on the starbase are not used by the cloning process.

«NAL» The alchemy function of a Merlin Class ship can be disabled with a friendly code of «NAL» ( No ALchemy )

«noc» Planet friendly code «noc» disables Config message listing being sent as a message.

«mfX» Universal minefield friendly code setting. A planet with a friendly code beginning with «mf» will cause ALL mine fields belonging to your race to have this code as the mine field friendly code. If you set more than one planet's friendly code first two letters to «mf» the highest ID planet will be used to set the mine field friendly code. The character following «mf» can be any letter or number. Example: If one of your planets friendly code is set to «mfK» then all your mine fields will have the friendly code of «mfK».

«eeX» «ffX» Locking alliance codes. If a ship sets its friendly code to «ffX» where X is the race code («123456789ab») that race becomes an ally race. Your mines will not effect them and your ships will not attack theirs. Your ships will never attack their planets. The alliance can be canceled with the ship code «eeX». Once a alliance is set it will stay set until it is canceled. You can see and sweep your friends mines. Web drain will not effect you. The switch ONLY takes place when a ships friendly code is changed. If all your ship friendly codes have been «ff1» for that last few turns and one ship changes its friendly code to «ee1» (Note: it is the only ship changing its code this turn) then race 1 will no longer be considered an ally.

The alliance information will show up in the Priority Build Points message. After the race name, if you see a «!» they have marked you as an ally, if you see a «+» you have marked them as an ally. I.E if you see: Lizards +! : they and you are both friends.

Your mines will not destroy ally mines

«PBx» Which ship is built by PBP's can be ordered by using planet friendly codes «PB1» «PB2» «PB3» «PB4» «PB5» «PB6» «PB7» «PB8» «PB9». A planet with the code «PB1» will build a PBP ship first. (PBP = Priority Build Points)

PBP ignores the normal ship build queue. PBP does not effect the normal ship build queue.

«PBx» code does not work until there are more than 450 ship in the game

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